Monday, November 5, 2012

Protect Your Eyes From Computer

 (CVS) mean :Computer vision syndrome .

 is a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for protracted, uninterrupted periods of time, and the longer you focus on a computer, the heavier your CVS will be.
As a blogger with a pair of eyeglasses, most of my time are spent on writing at a computer, so I am always worried about the eyes and trying to avoid the CVS by having a break after a certain time.
Being too lazy to set an alarm clock , or to use a countdown timer , I often forgot to have a break when focusing on the work for a long time, until coming across the Protect  your vision website, which helps set the break frequency automatically for free.
                                                           This is screen shot of EyeLeo

You can switch off the sound alarm, change the screen theme, or learn how to do eye excises, click the “Start EVO” button on the website, then you can choose a break mode from the following 3: 

1. 20-20-20 Rule :
After every 20 minutes spent in front of a computer, you will take a 20-second break, focusing the eyes on an object 20 feet (6 meters) away, or just close your eyes.

 2. 60-5 Rule :
After every hour spent in front of a computer, you will take a 5-minute break, moving your eyes away or close them..

3. Custom Rule :

You can also define the break’s frequency and length, but you can’t choose any time your like, for example, there is no 2-minute  break time for choice.
When the break time is up, you will hear a reminding sound, click on the break button, you will see a black screen, until the break time is over. During the break, it will recommend you to do some eye exercises, which will prevent eyes from optical system abnormalities. Then it starts to countdown the break time again.
Now, I am following the 60-5 rule, and after every hour, I will take a 5-minute break, to watch outside, to do eye exercises, or to do nothing  but listen to the sea wave. How about you? Do you think the Protectyourvision website is useful? Or do you have any other ways to protect your eyes from computer? Share with us by leaving a comment.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wallpaper about computer and Technology

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what is the difference between windows 7 home premium and professional and ultimate

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Latest work in Design


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Wallpaper Sponje B0b

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